Thank you for considering University Park United Methodist Church as the location for your wedding. The church staff will seek to cooperate with you as fully as possible as you plan this very important occasion. In addition to the wedding music and the ceremony itself, our services include offering pastoral premarital consultation, the assistance of our wedding coordinator, consultation with our church organist, the rehearsal, and the use of our facilities for your wedding ceremony.

A wedding fulfills several functions. One is simply the legal function by which two persons become married according to state law. A second function is intensely personal: the expression of love and a lifelong commitment between two persons. A third function is the public celebration of this commitment before family and friends.

Finally, a church wedding is also a worship service. In a church wedding, we recognize that, though we choose as individuals whom to love, love itself is a gift of our Creator. The human need to love and to be loved is not the invention of any one person or group of people, but it is an essential part of the way each human creature is made. Therefore, the wedding, which celebrates love, is also an appropriate time to praise and worship God.

With these thoughts in mind, the church has found it necessary to establish certain procedures. These policies are intended to strengthen the marital relationship and to protect the integrity, the beauty, and the sacredness of the ceremony.

For more information contact MaryAnn Buys, Wedding Coordinator.

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