Blue Holiday

A Blue Holiday is not a new concept, particularly Blue Christmas. It is a phrase denoting sadness during a time that everyone is or at least expected to be blissfully filled with joy. Typically, it refers to a sadness resulting from some type of loss or loneliness; a sadness that overshadows or eclipses what is normally a time of love, light, and liveliness. However, today, for some, it may also adequately describe a profound lament regarding perceived realities of the human condition.

So, here we are. Tis the season of gratitude, Advent and Christmas, and our nation’s emotions are all over the place, from one end of the spectrum to another: joy and happiness; deep sadness; love and compassionate understanding; anger and disappointment; blessed and basking in grace; forsaken; celebratory; dissent; hopeful; yet, “sick and tired of being sick and tired” (Fannie Lou Hamer). On the one hand, we celebrate America, and being American. Yet, on the other hand, we long for an America that will genuinely embrace, affirm and value the sacred worth and rights of all people; an America that will do right by all persons, including those who are different from the illusionary dominant norms and culture(s). On the one hand, we honor and respect our democracy that supposedly creates spaces for known and unknown persons; politically savvy and politically inexperienced persons to pursue positions of public service… all the way up to the Office of President. Yet, on the other hand, we are deeply stunned and troubled that our democracy, our evolved United States of America, could elect one who is seemingly consciously and intentionally ethnically, genderly and culturally insensitive to all “others.”

Subsequently, it seems that many, seeking desperately to process their lament, may be heading towards Blue Holidays, Thanksgiving and Christmas. What about you? Where are you on this spectrum of emotions? Wherever you situate yourself on this spectrum of emotions, we love and respect you as one in our family or community; we respect your right of choice; we honor your voice even when we disagree. And we urge you to reciprocate these acts of unconditional love, compassionate understanding and mutuality.

Whether Happy, Blue or Merry, may God, our creator, comfort each one of us; and continue to guide us with uncommon love, strength, wisdom and peace as we find our way through this new, and for many very challenging and frightening reality. May we stand, speak and fight for our highest potential as a nation. May we live to see the other side. May we survive the costs. May we courageously commit to respectful, yet authentic conversations while also being H.O.M.E. for a beautifully diverse World, including each other!!!

Infinite love and blessings, Pastor Jackson


  • North side of the church are three parking lots
  • Street parking throughout the neighborhood
  • Sunday mornings only free parking is available in the underground parking structure for the Daniels School of Business [University of Denver] directly west of the church. The structure entrance is on the north end of the Daniels, off of University Blvd [by the fire hydrant and bus bench]
  • Handicap parking is available off the street [E. Warren Ave.] directly south of the church. This location is reserved for handicap parking only.

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